I'm glad you have come to visit my website.  I think counseling can be a wonderful, life changing experience and I hope your time here can be a stepping stone toward what you seek.

While counseling is a relatively young profession, I like to think that there have been counselors as long as people have felt the need and desire to talk about and seek help for their problems.  I imagine that over the millennia there were men and women who took a special interest in human nature and suffering, much as there are today.  Whether we've honed our skills into a profession, are happy to listen to friends and family, or have been moved by one person's pain, we all have the compassion it takes to touch and understand another person's emotions.  We can even direct that compassion toward ourselves to open our hearts and be gentle with our own needs. 


I think counseling is part of that self compassion and I hope it is something you decide to experience.

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