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About Nora

I began working and training in the field of mental health in the late 1990's because I wanted to better understand mental illness and how to help people with mental illness thrive.  Since that time I have worked in outpatient, inpatient, and partial hospitalization settings.  

My interest in anxiety and OCD goes back to my studies in graduate school.  It fascinated me that the things we think help us feel better become the very things which fuel anxiety.  When I started my private practice in 2012 I found that most of my clients were bothered by anxiety either alone or with another mental illness.  In 2015 I decided to focus my practice on anxiety disorders and OCD, then did my ERP training in 2017 through BTTI (part of the International OCD Foundation).  All of my clients have anxiety as a primary concern and the majority have OCD or a related disorder.  I devote a lot of time to learning more about and staying current with the treatment of anxiety disorders.  I am part of a community of OCD and anxiety therapists, attend regular trainings, and participate in consultations with other professional anxiety therapists.

Before opening my practice in Lexington, SC in January 2019, I had a private practice for six years in Bradenton, FL.  I love to read, travel, eat out, look at nature, and correspond with friends.

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Licenses and Certifications

Licensed Professional Counselor, SC #6981

National Certified Counselor #318167

Professional Affiliations

International OCD Foundation

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

American Mental Health Counselors Association

Specialized Trainings

Exposure and Response Prevention

Inference Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Abstract Sand


I understand that when you come to counseling you are choosing to put your trust in me in a number of ways.  I take my job and profession seriously and want you to know what you can expect from me.

Confidentiality - Many people tell me I am the first person they have told about events or symptoms.  What you share in counseling is private, often sensitive, and will be treated as such.  I do not breach your confidentiality unless I need to fulfill my duty to protect you or someone else from harm or unless you have given me permission to share for medical or legal reasons.

Acceptance - My role in your treatment is to help you get better and be your best, not to judge you or change you into something you don't want to be.  Your thoughts, actions, feelings, race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, nationality, and all the other things which form and shape you are valuable.  I welcome the opportunity to get to know the whole you.

Evidence-based treatment - You are committing to improve your life through counseling and I am committed to providing you with care based on theories and techniques which have been proven to work.  CBT and ERP have years of research behind them which show real, lasting effects.

Integrity - A counselor is genuine, honest, professional, dedicated, and kind.  All my interactions with clients are grounded in these values and reflect who I am as a person.

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